Scratch n Scuffs away can repair minor kerbing and corrosion of Alloy wheels using our onsite mobile service. We can restore painted alloys to their original glory with a set of four alloys being repaired and refurbished within a day. We carry a wide range of specific paints that will suit all types of alloys.

We use the following process to refurbish the wheels:save50_large

  1. Inspect wheels for damage and remove from vehicle
  2. Carefully sand any minor kerbing marks and fill deeper scrapes with a special alloy gel.
  3. Primer wheels as required.
  4. Re-spray in the correct colour.
  5. Apply high quality 2K lacquer.
  6. Bake the wheel using infra-red lamps to ensure that the lacquer is fully hardened.

We fully coat the wheels to ensure durability and correct blending of paint. All alloy repairs come with a twelve month guarantee against product failure. See our Terms & Conditions for full details click here to get your no-obligation quote.

We cannot refurbish diamond cut or machine polished wheels to their original finish on a mobile basis see our FAQ page for more details.


For a free repair quote, call us on 0773 062 3771

Scratch and Scuffsaway’s mobile car body repair service is subject to our Terms & Conditions.