Is it easy to repair alloy wheel kerbing damage?

I’ve recently seen an increase in enquires for alloy wheel refurbishment. People know that kerbing damage not only de-values your vehicle…it also looks very unsightly and can ruin the look of any vehicle. Fortunately it can be fairly easily repaired, providing the wheel is not buckled, cracked or a diamond cut finish as the process to repair this type of damage/surface can be quite involved.  (The wheels above are actually a diamond cut finish that I have converted to a painted type finish as the owner didn’t want all the hassle of sending the wheels away for repairs).

If you have a small scuff on the edge of your alloy there are repair kits widely available from most motoring outlets which if you follow the manufactures instructions can result in a satisfactory repair that can only be noticed on very close inspection. Damage as shown in my pictures above will require a professional to repair. The wheels will need to be removed from the vehicle and then a set process followed to ensure that the repairs are of a correct standard. Alloy wheels take a fair bit of wear & tear so it’s important that the paints & lacquers used are of the highest quality. This will give the repaired surface the best chance of being as durable as possible.

To see some of the results of a few of the repairs I’ve undertaken over the years have a look at:

You can also download a picture of the damage for a no -obligation quote.

I’m always happy to receive any comments or if you have any questions about the alloy wheel refurbishing process I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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