What’s a S.M.A.R.T repair ??

Smart Repairs the convenient & cost effective solution to minor car bodywork repairs

Great results after a smart repair 
Typical Smart repair 

When I mention the words Smart repairs I often get a puzzled look from people, one lady said to me that she couldn’t use my services as she didn’t drive that sort of car. I had to explain to her that the term was an acronym for Small To Medium Area Repair Techniques.

As the name suggests the art is to keep the repair area as small as possible without affecting the overall quality and finish of the repair.

That’s the secret to the type of repairs that I do at Scratch n Scuffs away. It’s not possible or advisable to complete very large or involved repairs on a mobile basis and one of the skills of an experienced SMART repair technician is to decide when an onsite repair is appropriate. The main advantages of using a professional smart repair technican are:

  1. Convenience…no need to lose your car for days in a bodyshop. I can come to you at your home or place of work.
  2. Cost effective…with lower overheads coupled with the fact that I always keep the repaired area to a minimum means that the the costs to the customer are lower In labour and paint costs.
  3. Guarantee..All my repairs are guaranteed subject to our terms and conditions. I am able to offer this as I use only the best and latest products. They are of a bodyshop standard.
  4. The environment..working to the latest standards minimises the impact on the environment. Every time a part is replaced there’s a good chance it’s dumped in the local landfill, taking years if at all to decompose. By repairing rather than replacing that’s one more item saved from a premature end!!
I hope this has given you an Idea of the advantages of using a professional smart repair technician. I haven’t covered everything as you’d all be half asleep by the time I’d finished. However If you have any comments or would like any advise on any damage you or someone you know has to their vehicle contact me at paul@sctatchnscuffsaway.co.uk I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!!